3 Items Your Dentist Should Know About You

3 Items Your Dentist Should Know About You

Like any healthcare provider, your dentist is committed to your health and wellness. For him or her to do their job well and keep your teeth bright and shiny, you should have an open dialogue about any factors that might influence your oral health. Since you might only visit the dentist twice a year for teeth cleanings, sometimes it can be difficult to know what to update them on. Here are the three things you should be updating your dentist on during every visit.

What Your Dentist Should Know About You

1. Any Medications You’re Taking

Tell your dentist about any dietary supplements, over-the-counter, and prescription medications that you’re taking. If you have a procedure done, need an antibiotic, or require an anesthetic, your dentist will need to know to prevent adverse drug reactions.

2. Family Oral History


Did your dad always seem to be getting a cavity filled while you were growing up? It’s important to let your dentist know about your family’s oral health history. This will help them determine your chances for gum disease, as well as keep an open dialogue about things you should watch out for as you age.

3. Lifestyle Habits

Yes, this includes flossing. To provide you with the best dental care possible, your dentist should know what your diet and lifestyle look like. Let them know how often you brush and floss, if you’re a smoker, what you normally eat on a daily basis, and how much water you drink.


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