3 Reasons to Leave Teeth Whitening to Professionals

3 Reasons to Leave Teeth Whitening to Professionals

A brighter smile can dramatically change a person’s appearance, making them appear more youthful and friendly. Although there are many do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits on the market, there’s a lot to be said for leaving treatment in professional hands. Below are three reasons to visit your local dentist for teeth whitening. 

Why You Should Visit a Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Make Sure Your Teeth Are Healthy


From smoking cigarettes to infrequent brushing, several factors contribute to persistent tooth stains. If cavities, decay, or disease caused the discoloration, applying at-home teeth whitening chemicals directly to damaged enamel can do more harm than good. A dentist will give your smile a thorough examination, addressing any concerns before treatment to ensure they are healthy enough for whitening.  

Provide More Accurate Results

From ivory to opal, there are various teeth whitening shades to choose from. A dentist has the skills, training, and equipment to provide a more accurate color match than at-home treatments. They will find a color that looks natural and complements your complexion.

Have the Equipment to Cut Down on Application Time

Teeth whitening solutions sold at drugstores are not as powerful as those used at a dentist’s office. Because of the weaker chemical solution, it could take several time-consuming applications to achieve your desired effect. Dentists use strong whitening products that deliver long-lasting results in one session, greatly reducing treatment time. 


Whether you need teeth whitening treatment, a root canal, or additional restorative, general, or cosmetic dentistry solutions, the team at Hulse Dental in Onalaska, WI, will do everything they can to give you a healthy, radiant smile. To schedule a dentist appointment with Dr. Hulse, call (608) 783-1306 today. This friendly doctor and their support team are more than happy to answer your questions. You can also visit the practice online for dental care service details and like them on Facebook for announcements. 

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