3 Tips on Preventing Tooth Pain From Hulse Dental, Your Oral Care Experts

3 Tips on Preventing Tooth Pain From Hulse Dental, Your Oral Care Experts

The most effective way to avoid toothaches is knowing the proper preventative measures. Hulse Dental has been educating patients in and around the Onalaska, WI, area about the benefits of oral hygiene for preventing tooth pain for over 20 years. From teeth cleaning and whitening to veneers and tooth restorations, this compassionate team will ensure you always greet the world with a clean, healthy mouth and a bright, gorgeous smile. 

Toothaches are inconvenient and painful, but there are several ways you can prevent them from occurring. Here are a few tips from Hulse Dental, your oral care experts, on how to successfully ward off tooth pain:

tooth pain
  • Brush Often: “Brush twice daily” is the adage that dentists recommend, covering both the outer and inner arches for a total of 2 minutes. And when it comes to preventing toothaches, follow this advice. Use a fluoride toothpaste when you brush to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Floss Regularly: Flossing is a task that many people skip during their daily oral care regimen. Food often gets caught between teeth and cannot be removed by brushing alone. Flossing at least once per day is not only good for warding off gum disease, but it’s also a surefire way to prevent potentially debilitating toothaches and pain.
  • Schedule Routine Checkups & Radiographs: Radiographs are the most effective diagnostic tool in dentistry today. Combined with close examination, it is the best way to identify issues that need attention.The use of digital radiography practically elliminates radiation exposure-in fact, you get more radiation from daily use of your cell phone.To avoid tooth pain, visit your dentist for professional teeth cleaning at least two times per year. Your dental team will thoroughly clean your teeth and examine them for any potential issues. By removing excess plaque and detecting and treating impending tooth problems, you can prevent painful tooth conditions from arising.

For the best oral care services in Onalaska, rely on the outstanding team at Hulse Dental to keep your teeth pain-free and beautiful. Call (608) 783-1306 today to book an appointment for teeth cleaning, and check out their website for more information about their many oral care services.

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