3 Ways to Manage Cavity Pain Until Your Dental Appointment

3 Ways to Manage Cavity Pain Until Your Dental Appointment

Few things are worse than biting into one of your favorite foods and feeling the familiar sting of a dental cavity. In addition to interfering with your ability to chew, cavities can also cause severe toothaches, which can radiate into your jaw and make it hard to sleep, talk, and work. Fortunately, by knowing these tips, you can manage cavity pain until your scheduled dental appointment. 

Easy Ways to Manage Cavity Pain

1. Avoid Sugary, Acidic Foods 


In addition to fueling the oral bacteria that cause dental decay, sugary and acidic foods can also irritate nerve endings, making dental pain worse. To quell cavity pain, focus on avoiding foods like lemonade, candy, and soda. Since hard and chewy foods can become painfully impacted in cavities, try to stick to foods that are easy to eat, room temperature, and low in sugar and natural acids. 

2. Try Clove Oil

In the olden days, people would place a clove over dental decay to help with the pain. Although this practice might seem strange by today’s standards, cloves are high in eugenol, which has analgesic properties. To temporarily relieve cavity pain, place a few drops of clove oil onto a clean cotton ball, and use it to dab the compound onto the damaged tooth. 

3. Apply Benzocaine

If clove oil isn’t enough to calm dental pain, consider a stronger topical, such as benzocaine. Common in over-the-counter dental pain gels, benzocaine works by interfering with nerve signals. Remember that benzocaine should only be used on a temporary basis, and discontinued if you notice new symptoms like headaches or confusion after application. 


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