4 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

4 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

The excitement kids feel around Halloween can overshadow the potential dangers. The wrong costumes can cause tripping hazards, while specific candy can fracture teeth and cause other oral health issues. Help your child enjoy a safe and happy holiday this year with these tips that protect your young one throughout the night, including suggestions for avoiding emergency trips to the dentist.

How to Help Your Child Enjoy a Safe Halloween

1. Choose Costume Pieces Together

Refrain from purchasing costumes that are too long, since they can cause your child to trip and break their front teeth or sustain other injuries. Also, avoid emergency dentist visits by ensuring your child can see clearly out of their chosen mask, hood, or hat. If possible, avoid using these accessories entirely, since they can obstruct your child’s vision, causing them to fall and possibly break their teeth. 

2. Use Designated Walkways & Crosswalks Only

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Have your child follow your example during trick-or-treating by staying on sidewalks and using crosswalks to reduce the chances of pedestrian-driver accidents. Help them stand out by choosing reflective costume pieces or adding reflective strips. The more visible your child is, the less likely tooth fractures and other injuries become.

3. Avoid Sharp Accessories

Do not give your child sharp or blunt costume accessories if you are worried that they might chew on them. Plastic and metal edges can easily pierce gum tissue and turn Halloween night into an emergency visit to the dentist. If your child is responsible enough to use a costume accessory, ensure it is free of all sharp edges to avoid dental and other facial injuries.

4. Emphasize Dental Care

Make sure your child brushes and flosses after enjoying Halloween candy, especially if there’s an abundance of sticky and hard candy. Monitor the intake of such sweets to keep your child’s teeth free of cavities. Consider asking your neighbors to provide candy that won’t stick to teeth and promote decay, such as chocolate and sugarless gum. 


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