4 Popular Apps to Help Kids Brush Their Teeth

4 Popular Apps to Help Kids Brush Their Teeth

Establishing healthy brushing habits early on can lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth. However, brushing for the full two minutes twice a day can be difficult for most children. Sometimes, you have to get creative to keep children interested, and there are a number of dentist-approved apps you can try. Below are a few favorite options to help you get started and keep your kids motivated.

A Guide to Mobile Brushing Apps for Children

1. Disney Magic Timer™

Disney characters hold a special place in every child’s heart. The Disney Magic Timer app uses characters like Elsa, Darth Vader, Iron Man, and Mickey Mouse to help children brush their teeth correctly. Children can create a profile, scan their dental care products, and track their progress on a built-in calendar. Studies show that 98% of children brush longer using this app.

2. BrushyTime

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BrushyTime uses an interactive system to keep children engaged while they’re brushing and rinsing. As the timer counts down, a pirate and his parrot talk with your children. You can adjust the timer and also purchase new themes through the app.

3. Brush DJ

Brush DJ is an award-winning app that plays 2-minute snippets of popular songs. Your children can pick out favorite tunes or explore new ones through the Free Music Archive that the app connects with. You can also sync the app to your Spotify®, Google Play, or Apple Music® account. These 2-minute intervals ensure your children brush the recommended amount of time, and you can also set reminders so that they don’t forget to brush throughout the day.

4. Toothsavers

Toothsavers uses a game system to teach children how to brush and floss and focus on their dental care. They’ll have 2 minutes to clear plaque and decay-causing bacteria from their teeth in the form of an interactive game. By helping Toothy and the Toothsavers save people from evil plaque and bacteria, children better learn how to brush while building healthy habits.


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