4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist During an Appointment

4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist During an Appointment

For many people, going to the dentist is a routine: check in, wait to be called back, have your teeth cleaned, and go home. However, taking a bit of time to discuss your oral health with your dentist can help you improve your smile. Below are a few questions to ask before leaving the clinic.

4 Questions About Your Dental Health to Ask Your Dentist

1. How Is My Oral Health Overall?

When visiting the dentist’s office, many people feel relief when they hear they don’t have cavities, gum disease, and similar issues. However, there is more to your oral health than the absence of problems; ask your dentist and hygienist if they noticed any areas that indicate a developing issue, and ask if there’s anything you can do to boost your gum health. Diet changes and increased care can prolong the life of your smile, so it’s worth asking for advice.

2. Are There Areas of My Mouth With More Plaque or Tartar?

Plaque is bacteria that sticks to your teeth, and over time, it hardens into tartar. Plaque puts you at greater risk for gingivitis and other oral diseases. If some spots have more plaque than others, it can mean you need to adjust your cleaning routine to reach these trouble areas.

3. Are There Cosmetic Options I Should Consider?


From teeth whitening to dental crowns and implants, cosmetic and restorative dentistry can help your smile shine even brighter. If you have a dental issue that bothers you, even if it seems small, talk to your dentist about which options are available. Feeling comfortable with your smile can do wonders for your confidence and happiness.

4. What Can I Do About My Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth can be caused by many factors. You may need a mouth guard to stop grinding your teeth while asleep as the pressure can wear down the enamel, exposing the dentin. Sensitivity can also be a sign of gum disease or a side effect from at-home teeth whitening. Additionally, toothpaste made for sensitive teeth can strengthen enamel to protect the layer beneath it. Speak to your dentist about which options are best for you.


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