4 Ways to Teach Kids Good Oral Health Habits Using the Tooth Fairy

4 Ways to Teach Kids Good Oral Health Habits Using the Tooth Fairy

If you have young children, you’ve likely started the tradition of the Tooth Fairy visiting after they’ve lost a tooth. Aside from being a fun character they look forward to getting a visit from, parents can use the Tooth Fairy to help teach their kids about the importance of good oral care. Hulse Dental in Onalaska, WI, says finding an interactive way to teach children about dental hygiene may help them establish better habits.

Dr. Kurt Hulse has the following tips for ways you can use the Tooth Fairy to teach your children about good oral care practices:

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  • Tooth Fairy Only Comes For Clean Teeth: To encourage your child to brush and floss regularly, explain to them that the Tooth Fairy only visits and leaves behind money for clean teeth. She doesn’t want to add stained or cavity-filled teeth to her collection!
  • Tooth Fairy Rewards Good Oral Care Habits: Children thrive when they are rewarded for good behavior, and it shouldn’t be any different when they practice good oral hygiene habits. Tell your children that the Tooth Fairy leaves behind an extra reward if she’s seen them brushing and flossing their teeth regularly every morning and night.
  • Tooth Fairy Talks To Parents: Children may sometimes say they’ve brushed their teeth, but if you’re not around to watch them, they may just be fooling you to get out of a chore. Explain that the Tooth Fairy watches them and talks to parents to let them know if children are skipping on brushing or flossing.
  • Tooth Fairy Likes When Children Visit The Dentist: Many children are scared when it comes to visiting the dentist for cleanings. To help ease their fear, tell them that the Tooth Fairy likes when they visit the dentist. You may even consider giving your child a small gift from the Tooth Fairy after every dental check-up to congratulate them being brave.  

For more tips on how you can use the Tooth Fairy to instill good oral care habits in your kids, consult Hulse Dental by calling their office at (608) 783-1306. For a closer look at the practice and the services Dr. Hulse offers, be sure to also visit his website.

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