5 Common Foods & Drinks That Leave Stains on Your Teeth

5 Common Foods & Drinks That Leave Stains on Your Teeth

When people think about the ingredients in their favorite food and drinks, they rarely think of chromogens. Chromogens are chemical compounds that give food and drink items their unique colors. While they enhance your meal’s visual appeal, they and other substances like tannins can also leave you needing teeth whitening.

Top 5 Foods & Drinks That Cause Teeth Stains

1. Coffee

Even when mixed with enough cream and sugar to take away some of the blackness, coffee can easily stain your teeth. It’s important to brush your teeth after drinking coffee to prevent stains from settling.

2. Tea

Typically deemed healthier than coffee thanks to its lower caffeine content, tea can also cause a person to need teeth whitening. While black tea is the most likely culprit, variants like green tea can also result in stains.

3. Berries

teeth whitening

Berries are a perfect standalone snack or addition to dishes such as cereal and oatmeal. While extremely popular and nutritious, their dark juices can easily leave stains on your teeth. Certain vegetables, like tomatoes, can also cause stains. 

4. Red Wine 

Most people are aware of the well known health benefits of a daily single glass of red wine. However, the dark red color often discolors your teerh. Sometimes your teeth will even have a red hue to them after taking your first sip. Be sure to brush or eat some cheese, as the French do, after you have enjoyed your glass of wine so stains don’t linger. Either way, at some point you’ll probably want some teeth whitening to help brighten those pearly whites.

5. Soda

Soda isn’t just harmful because of its sugar content and acidic makeup. Many brands are dyed and colored dark black, blue, orange, or green depending on the flavor. This coloring can transfer to your teeth, leaving stains that may require teeth whitening.


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