5 Oral Care Tips for Achieving a Lifetime of Dental Wellness

5 Oral Care Tips for Achieving a Lifetime of Dental Wellness

Strong oral care habits aren’t limited to going to the dentist or brushing regularly. In order to achieve a lifetime of dental health, patients need to take an all-encompassing approach to oral hygiene. While it may sound like a fair amount of effort, the payoff of having healthy teeth and gums are tremendous: Not only will your mouth look and feel great, but you could wind up saving time and money by avoiding extra dental work.

Here are the pillars of oral care you can incorporate into your dental regimen for long-term health:

  • Brush & Floss Regularly: Not only should you brush twice daily to remove food particles, plaque, and tartar, but you must also floss at least once per day to clear buildup away from gums and thoroughly clean between teeth.  
  • Practice Healthy Habits: Even the best home care habits won’t make up for a diet rich in sugar. When possible, choose water over sugary beverages, and limit red wine, coffee, and tea intake to avoid stains. Also, keep in mind smoking or chewing tobacco can cause teeth to yellow and put you at a higher risk for oral cancer.
  • Don’t Skip the Mouthwash: Some dental patients wonder whether mouthwash is really necessary. Mouthwash can support enamel health, helps to rinse away any lingering food particles and freshens your breath. If you’re curious about which type is best for your needs, ask at your next dental visit.
  • Protect Your Smile: Accidents happen, but you may be able to prevent oral injuries like chipped or lost teeth by wearing a mouth guard while playing sports.   
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    See Your Dentist Often: Lastly, stay on schedule with your dental appointments, including cleanings, exams, and any visits to discuss concerns. If you have a new symptom like bleeding gums, foul breath, or pain, don’t wait until the problem worsens to make an appointment.


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