5 Qualities That Make a Great Dentist

5 Qualities That Make a Great Dentist

While visiting the dentist is important for your oral health, an unprofessional or unpleasant doctor can make you avoid teeth cleanings and exams altogether. The good news is, dental visits don’t have to be uncomfortable. Finding a provider with the attributes below will make it easy for you to stick to your treatment schedule. 

Top Traits of an Exceptional Dentist 

1. Friendly Personality 

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An excellent doctor understands that not everyone immediately feels at ease in the dental chair. Instead of taking it personally, they take the time to chat with patients and help them relax. They’re also committed to establishing personal relationships. They are happy to answer questions and are compassionate about balancing treatment goals with a patient’s lifestyle and finances. 

2. Extensive Experience 

The best dental professionals have years of experience providing routine oral care and restorative treatments like root canals and dental crowns. They’ve seen patients with a variety of conditions, so they’re prepared to handle everything from cavities to abscesses. While they hone their hands-on skills, they are also members of local and national dentistry associations. These memberships offer continuing education and help them stay up to date on dental advancements. 

3. Strong Communication Skills 

Some dental conditions are severe and require treatment as soon as possible. Others may benefit from a particular procedure without being considered an emergency. A quality dentist is open and honest about teeth and gum problems, so patients feel comfortable making decisions about their care. 

4. Inquisitive Mind 

Great dentistry professionals should be passionate about their career and want to know about the most innovative technology in the field. They should desire to learn more about rare conditions and how to better care for complex diseases. They take the time to review the pros and cons of the latest machines and techniques. They also make the necessary investments in state of the art devices. 

5. Skilled at Selecting Staff 

When a doctor is committed to the success of their practice and patient care, they know how to select the right hygienists and office staff. They will seek out friendly and experienced team members that reflect the personality of the office. If an assistant receives complaints, they will address the challenges.


A provider with the qualities above not only makes teeth cleanings and treatments easier but encourages patients to return often to maintain their dental health. If you’re searching for a compassionate and skilled oral care team, Dr. Hulse and his cosmetic, restorative, and family dentistry staff at Hulse Dental of La Crosse County, WI, have over 15 years of experience providing patients with the most comfortable and personalized dental expertise available. To make an appointment with the dentist, call (608) 783-1306. Access the practice’s information for new patients, including forms and directions to the office, by visiting their website. Read happy patient reviews and learn about the importance of routine oral care at home by following them on Facebook

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