A Guide to Teeth Whitening Services

A Guide to Teeth Whitening Services

Since dental enamel is naturally porous, its color can be directly impacted by things you eat and drink throughout the day. Certain lifestyle habits, like smoking, can also yellow teeth, giving you a smile that isn’t as bright and beautiful as it could be. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening services can help to regain a clean and pearly-white smile. Here are a few things you should know about teeth whitening. 

What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Are there different teeth whitening options available? 

While many toothpastes contain whitening products, these whiteners are designed to polish the surfaces of your teeth, not brighten stains. Dentists offer professional teeth whitening, which takes advantage of the brightening power of enamel-safe products like carbamide peroxide. 

Patients have options with various take-home kits for custom whitening. During your visit to the office, a whitening tray that conforms to your teeth will be made. Once the custom trays are ready, you will place a small amount of gel inside the tray and place the tray, like a mouth guard, on your teeth. Your dentist will then prescribe whitening gel based on your level of staining. You will keep the trays in place for a set amount of time to brighten your smile. 

If you prefer in-home whitening without custom trays, we also offer professional -grade whitening strips that fit perfectly around your smile. The team at Hulse Dental will then show you how to use these whitening strips based on your level of staining, and instruct you to wear your strips for set periods of time at home.

Are there risks to teeth whitening? 

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is considered safe by the American Dental Association, as long as it’s recommended and overseen by a professional dentist. Before your teeth are whitened, dentists will check your smile carefully to make sure your teeth are healthy and strong enough to be whitened.

Areas of unrepaired dental decay, cracks, or fractures may cause pain if whitening gels are applied. Dentists will also prescribe levels of whitening based on your aesthetic goals, helping you to achieve the look you want. 

During tooth whitening, small tubules in the enamel are released to give the whitening agent the chance to move deeper into the tooth, removing deep-set stains. However, because this happens, your teeth may temporarily become more sensitive. To combat this risk, your dentist may recommend using a sensitivity toothpaste or a flouride rinse following the procedure.


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