Back-to-school Dental Health Tips

Back-to-school Dental Health Tips

Important Back-to-School Tips for your Family's Dental Health

Preventative care is important for your oral health as well as your physical health. Just as you schedule a physical for your child annually prior to the start of the school year, a dental check-up is important as well. Taking care of cavities or other problems before they become a big issue helps your child stay healthy, remain focused, and keeps them happy.  Here are some back-to-school tips to promote healthy habits.

Set A Good Standard For Healthy Eating

Setting good standards for your child's oral hygiene starts even before you book a dentist appointment. Pack healthy lunches that avoid sugary and salty foods or snacks and encourage them to drink plenty of water. Try to teach your kids to reach for nuts, vegetables, lean meats, and cheese to promote a healthy mouth. Eating right helps support good dental care.

Be A Good Example For Your Children

We all know that kids learn by example …so try to motivate them to take care of their teeth on their own by making them part of your oral hygiene routine. Dental care is important for everyone. We recommend that you brush and floss with them every morning and evening whenever possible. And make sure you schedule a dental checkup for your children at least twice a year. The back-to-school season is always a good time to make that happen, so your child will be set when the new school year begins.  

Be Available To Help When Needed

The majority of kids will need some kind of help brushing their teeth until they are school age, and even after that they may still need some help to ensure they are cleaning their teeth and gums properly. Kids and adults should be brushing at least two minutes every morning and evening-that’s a long time for kids. As a family dentist, we understand how hard this can be. Try playing their favorite song (try using BrushDJ) to motivate them to brush the entire time. You can also use apps like BrushUp, Disney Magic Timer, & Chomper Chums, that encourage your children to brush.

Always Use A Mouthguard For Sports

As school begins and fall sports return, parents need to be aware of what they can do to keep their children’s teeth healthy. Kids of every age are susceptible to mouth and teeth injuries from sports. In contact and non-contact sports alike, it is important to use a mouthguard to protect teeth. Hulse Dental can provide you with a custom fit mouthguard that will help protect those pearly whites as well as your gums, tongue and jaw.

If you have more questions, check out the team at and the services they have to offer. Hulse Dental has been serving families in the Onalaska community for over 25 years. They pride themselves on exceptional workmanship and excellent customer service that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in their door. Whether you need a dental crown, want teeth whitening, have questions about invisalign or you just need a check-up, contact Dr. Kurt Hulse and Dr. Zach Case at, or call us at 608.783.1306 or simply stop by to say hello – we would love to have you, and your family, as our patients.

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