Do You Think You Need Dental Implants?

Do You Think You Need Dental Implants?

Choosing a tooth replacement can be intimidating, but knowledge can ease your worries. Each type of tooth replacement offers benefits, and there is no method that is best for everyone. If dental implants are high on your list of options, this guide can help you figure out your next steps.

4 Things to Do If You Are Considering Dental Implants

1. Do Your Research

Before even considering getting a major dental procedure, it’s important to first understand what it is. When patients receive a dental implant, their dentist surgically implants an artificial tooth “root” into their mouth. Made of material that fuses well with the human makeup of your jaw, the implant fuses with the actual bone to support dentures or a crown.

2. Determine Your Candidacy

Once you understand what a dental implant is, you and your dentist can decide whether the procedure is right for you. Your dentist will likely make this decision based on the health of your gums. They will also ask you about your smoking habits, as well as any chronic illnesses (diabetes, cancer, etc.), which can all impact your ability to heal following an implant surgery.

3. Follow Your Dentist’s Instruction

If you and your dentist decide to move forward with a dental implant, they will need to position the initial placement. Should any pain or swelling occur once you get home, follow your dentist’s instructions for medication and diet restrictions to ensure optimal healing.

4. Care for Your Implant

dental implants

Once your implant has had several months to heal, it’s time for the placement of your crown or artificial tooth. Even after the procedure is complete and your mouth has fully healed, remember to practice proper implant care.

Proper implant care includes routine dentist visits, daily brushing and flossing, and regularly rinsing with antimicrobial mouthwash. Keeping your gum tissue healthy is the best way to protect your implant, which can last a lifetime with vigilant oral care.

If you are considering dental implants, consult the team at Hulse Dental in Onalaska, WI. Their staff is dedicated to providing their patients with comforting, one-on-one service to help make any dental procedure from a routine cleaning to dental crowns as easy as possible. Call today at (608) 783-1306 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more about Dr. Hulse.

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