The Best & Worst Halloween Candy for Children's Teeth

The Best & Worst Halloween Candy for Children's Teeth

Halloween is an exciting time for children as they get to dress up as their favorite characters and go trick-or-treating. While parents should allow their little ones to enjoy the festivities, dentists encourage caution and moderation to avoid cavities and tooth decay due to an influx of sweet treats. You can keep good dental care practices in mind without sacrificing Halloween rituals. 

How Halloween Candy Affects Teeth

What Candy Should Children Avoid on Halloween?

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According to dental care professionals, all sugar wears down enamel and leads to tooth decay. However, a few culprits tend to exacerbate the issue. Sticky, chewy candy is the worst for your teeth as it’s the most difficult to remove from the surface, and the acid in sour candy can damage tooth enamel.

The longer sugar remains in your mouth, the more bacteria grow. Ask your little ones to avoid taffy, caramels, fruit chews, and gummy bears. Also, ditch mouth-puckering hard candy to keep teeth healthy. And of course, brush as soon as possible after eating those sugary treats.

What Can You Do If You Can’t Brush Right After You Eat Candy?

If you are out with your kids and they cannot brush right after eating candy, give them some string cheese or have them rinse their mouth with water. The cheese, any type of cheese, helps neutralize the sugars in their mouth and can help buy some time until they are able to brush their teeth. Oonce you get home, brush as recommended by your dentist.

Which Treats Are Best for Oral Care? 

Halloween is an evening for children to indulge, so they don’t have to forgo candy altogether. Instead, lean toward dark chocolate bars and truffles since they contain beneficial antioxidants and don’t linger on teeth as long as other candies. Sugar-free candy is also widely available and causes less harm to teeth and gums. As always, have your children brush and floss thoroughly before bedtime to avoid unnecessary visits to your dental care clinic. 

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